Clinical trials softwares as a key to successful clinical researches

Clinical trials softwares as a key to successful clinical researches


Clinical trials play an essential role in developing new drugs because the decision on the possibility of medical use of the drug can be made only after a systematic study of it in humans and based on proven efficacy and safety.


Clinical trial (research) of a medicinal merchandise – research work aimed at any scrutiny involving a person as a subject of study, designed to detect or confirm the clinical, pharmacological, and various pharmacodynamic characteristics of one or a number of examined medicinal items and the detection of adverse reactions to some of the components included, or to study the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of one or more medicinal products to confirm its safety and efficacy. 


Clinical trials are an essential step for the drug development process. For example, before innovative drugs or vaccines are approved for use, they must undergo rigorous and systematic studies among volunteers. This process aims to assess that a new investigational drug is suitable for use by all who need appropriate treatment. And for such process to work effectively, we use ryze clinical trial software.


Automated analysis of medical information is a long-standing branch of science and practice. However, there has been an explosive growth of a new generation of intelligent technologies in recent years, which is associated with significant engineering progress in the computing capabilities of computer technology and mathematics. Artificial intelligence is applicable for solving a number of problems in medical diagnostics (decision support, morphometry, automation of production process areas, quality control, etc.). For practical application, systems created on the basis of intelligent technologies must pass clinical trials, evaluate diagnostic precision, and receive the official status of a medical merchandise.

Сlinical trial software: why we need them

Biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies use clinical trials software to simplify the whole process from conception to final result. The software will be helpful in the following areas: case report form design, protocol management, and metadata management; it can also help collect, analyze, and submit compliant research data to the corresponding regulatory authorities. In the end, the company’s high-quality clinical products come in the pharmaceutical market in a much shorter time. It explains why we really need such operating systems.

Usually, numerous different clinical trials are conducted simultaneously. And each of them must be timely and efficient. Moreover, when talking about industry regulations, the clinical trials could have complied with them. Thus, the companies need this ability to see the details of all trials and successfully manage them. In this way, the companies can always notice the process inefficiencies and resolve them and make the entire process transparent. So the switch towards cloud-based solutions, including clinical trial software, is logical and essential.

All this leads to the ryze-elluminate integration, which allows maximum automation of the end-to-end lifecycle of clinical trials. That’s why integrating a clinical data and metadata repository opens new horizons closed to us through just one solution. Nowadays, we need a comprehensive solution that will be actionable from the first day and let us stay ahead of competitors.